Sarah Cusenza, MA.

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Maternal Mental Health Counseling

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Welcome mama…

Everything about our lives changes the moment we become mothers. We cannot do those self-care things we used to do before having a baby. We are sleep deprived. Our body is different. The hormones! The relationship we had with our partner changes. We have way too much information and opinions thrown at us. We are just so damn overwhelmed.

Our expectation of motherhood is usually vastly different from reality, and nobody really tells us this. We are expected to be overjoyed with our new baby, in a state of bliss, as if our life is finally complete. In reality, we’re exhausted, confused, scared, anxious and sometimes deeply depressed; often hiding these feelings from the ones we love most.

It is so hard to admit that we need help and that we cannot do this alone. But I am here to tell you that you were not meant to. Admitting this is challenging, humbling and a very necessary step in healing.

You will feel like yourself again. I promise.

I would love to support you through this time of growth and transformation.